Nintendo Games and Our Family

Nintendo Games and Our Family

Over the past 7 months, Jack has become obsessed with video games. Especially the original Nintendo and Atari games, he calls Mario his original name Jumpman from Donkey Kong games. He has become an expert at old video games, when they were made, the background and how to play. He takes in everything, wanting to learn more.

What I love more is conversations about these games.  He talks, we all know its hard to get our kids talking, especially young ones.  I won't forget him telling me about his "new game" Tetris! He is explaining it to me as if it is magic, these shapes coming down and I turn them to match and then disappear.  I let him continue since he was so enthusiastic about it until I told him how it was my first game except it was in green/grey for me back in 1992.  He then told me I was old.

Original GAME BOYS at the Nintendo Store NYC
In early July, we visited the Museum of Moving Image to check out their Arcade Classic exhibit, open until September 18th. Currently featuring over 30 classic games including q*Bert, Frogger, Donkey Kong, Ms. Pac-Man, Pong and more.  This again all stemmed from the movie Pixels he watched back in March.  His obsession quickly it grew.

Currently his summer favorites:

Favorite WiiU Game: Yoshi's Wholly World
Favorite 3DS game: Art Academy 
Favorite 2DS game: Mario Kart 7


  • Get protection for everything! The screens, the console, and the games.  I shopped at GameStop and Amazon for supplies. I just do not trust my kids breaking everything. 
  • Organization Bag: I keep everything together in one location.  He has a bag that keeps everything 2DS and 3DS together, he travels with it, so everything is always in same place and can't be lost easily.  

Family time/bonding. Jack and Charlotte are playing games together more and more.  Whether it be on the same team or against each other.   I have been playing with Jack and Tim loves to play with the kids.  Did I mention how the kids kicked me down stairs with my office and TV down there?

Jack has also been saving up his money and earning more by doing chores and extra favors and work around the house.  He wants quarters for video games when we are out and also to buy his own games. Luckily Grandma works next door to Game Stop and he gets to look their, make a plan for what he wants and then work towards his goal.

Now we will just grow with Nintendo, systems and games.   Shhh! Don't tell the kids technically I can set the WiiU up in the car or the Atari system.  Saving that for a long road trip surprise.


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