Children's Activities the Expense of It All

As moms we want it all for our kids. We want to sign them up in activities to keep them busy, keep them social and well because everyone else is doing it.  I started with library and a moms group when my first was only weeks old.  It continued from there.  Swim lessons, town soccer, balance bike racing, dance classes, the list goes on.  The price of it all can add up to a mortgage payment itself. How do we do it, why do we do it?  Asked today, my answer was, we just do.  I go without, my husband goes without, all for the kids to go with.

I find when we are busy, they sleep better, behave better- once in activity.  We are better honestly, I have always been an on the go person, always out. Transitioning to said activity- they never want to start, leave house to do for "fear of missing out" on a show or game, move off couch at times.  Though I am heard all kid do this.

Currently they have private hockey lessons, separate coaches, karate twice a week for Jack, Art/Drawing class for Charlotte,  and LEGO Club after school for both, which I run.  BMX is about to start in May for both. Now the expensive comes in, equipment, monthly charges, per session charges.  Honestly I have never thought about it. We have decided or the kids asked to join a club or sport, and we signed them up and paid.  Maybe it meant no date night, that month, limited extras, trips to Target or the mall.  We just did it.  My thought it as home they are going to just choose video-games, TV, iPad or sit around so if they are enrolled in something they are out, busy, occupied beyond the screen.

I know eventually the kids will choose less. They will pick a seasonal sport, or just one altogether.  They are young, so we will take it as it comes.  I will continue to do without so my kids can do with.  So if I have to write another article, and another job has to be worked.  I can only hope when they are old enough they remember all they did and they do it for their kids too.

How do you manage it all with your kids?


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