A quarter the way into 2018

Tonight as Tim left the house he said "Look we made it!" half jokingly.  Commenting on the now three dogs passed out sleeping on the couch and floor, fire place roaring and the kids in bed.  Except instead of joining me in sitting down, he was walking out the door to drive and help someone with frozen pipes and onto a second place with heat/water issues.  This is also the 4th night in a row he hasn't been home.  It is not easy, this past week even when he has "been home" he was off plowing, running out with the kids before running back to the firehouse for a shift.
They do get along

We are a team, while he is out I am running the house, shuffling the kids around to school and activities.  We have my parents who help out, they are the only constant in our lives with the kids.  I don't know what I would do without them, especially my mom when I text her 100 times a days about the kids and random stuff.
Zoo Day

Looking forward to 2018...

We are 3 months into our new home.  We have finished the basement, worked on garage, and painted the kids rooms.  We have plans for bathrooms and kitchen remodels.  Since we moved in and between the rain, cold and then snow, we only did tree work.  Landscaping and outdoor play is coming this spring and I cannot wait to fully make this house a home inside and out.

The new school has been great. The drastic change and improvement with Jack in such a short time reinforces the fact we made a good choice.  While is mouth and some of the back talking at 7.5, I could do without.  Charlotte adjusted well and has a long list of friends to invite over.  We are also about to begin planning her half birthday party with her new friends.

Starting taking Aerial Yoga
Apple Moms had a great year with events and new additions in 2017 and I plan on continuing for 2018. The Trunk or Treat and NYE Balloon Drop had record numbers.  We have story times, new posts and other family fun adventures and reviews taking place.  W have an Egg Hunt coming this weekend and more plans to come.

Family has been well interesting.  My parents have been a constant, again I don't know what we would do without them.  Actions Speak Louder Than Words is the expression I will use for the rest.

While we are a quarter way in, the rest is just beginning.


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