April Showers.

The year continues to fly by.  Spring break starts Thursday for me and Friday Tim and I leave for Disney World!! We are both very excited to get down to the warm weather and relax.  My birthday is also coming up, April 10th  (the day we leave) and I am turning 24, Tim got me a pink helmet for when we ride the quad and a fox racing shirt to wear.  Very cute accessories.  The camper is basically done being fixed, Tim and two friends tore off the roof and replaced it 2 weeks ago.  Camping season, we're ready!!

Promised motorcycle picture:
Finished Product!

April 3rd, marked 1 year since my grandma passed away.  On Friday, my mom and I went to the grave and put out flowers and easter eggs.  I still can't believe it and  not a day goes by that I don't miss or think about her.  At least I know she is still looking down on me.  

Goodbye for now!  Be back after Disney!


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