Spring Break and the heat...

Tim and I had a wonderful time in Florida and at Disney World.  We only wish we could have stayed longer.  We did 3 Disney parks, visited a few different beaches and visited the World's Largest Harley Davidson at RossMeyers near Daytona, we also visited my friend Amy where she was staying with her sister's family.  Overall we did A LOT in 5 days.
Alena was an amazing host and I loved her hot tub, it was so nice to come home and relax in the hot tub.  She came to Epcot with us and was our tour guide at the beaches, making it possible for us to see dolphins and manatees, in return at the biker bar Tim wanted to go to she was hit on by a 69 year old named Guido LOL.  We also were able to see and have dinner with Tim's Aunt and Uncle at Raglan Road in Downtown Disney.  
I have pictures up on Facebook and have to make a link for the Shutterfly album too.

Other updates:  Tim has now put up the new roof on the camper, we went up yesterday and put in the new vents, scrubbed the outside and most of the inside of the camper.  Memorial Weekend Irish Fest here we come!!  I can't wait for it to be completed and be able to go hang out up there whenever we want.  

Only 44 more days of school until Summer Break!!  YAY!! So far for the summer we are going to the Jersey Shore, Catskills, maybe Lake George with some friends- looking into hotels.  Along with nice motorcycle rides and rides on the Quad.  We have a pretty busy summer ahead of us.  If anyone would like to go up to the Catskills, please let us know.  As always, the more the merrier!  


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