Back to work.

Today I went to my new school for my new job as a 3rd grade regular ed teacher. My classroom is HUGE! I will have a whole reading area with carpets and tons of books that are grade appropriate unlike last year. I just have to empty out about 50 bags full of those books and organize them. I am looking at having about 24 students. I have a few computers, not sure if they work yet though and tons of closets with hooks for the kids stuff. I am going back Wednesday with more of my stuff and to continue to set up the room. It is still very overwhelming, but I am excited, I just want school to start so I don't have to worry anymore. I still will worry but at least I will know what I really am dealing with.

Tim and I are trying to pay off a lot of our debt this year. We have a goal and hopefully we will be able to meet it. Only $200 more and 1 credit card will be 100% paid off!! We paid off $3000 on Friday at once with the grant that came in for me working in a low-end school last year. What else went on this weekend? We went to Hunter's 5th birthday- he got double presents since Tim and I couldn't agree, MY GIFT WON!! I bought him Geo Tracks train set booster pack from the movie Cars, and Tim picked out Nerf guns. He liked the guns but he likes trains better!! YAY ME!

Saturday Night- Bailey ran away for 4.5 hours, we searched everywhere, Amy and Patrick came up to watch a movie and helped us look too. We looked on every road nearby, the woods, the ditches (fearing the worst), I contacted both the Sheriffs and Troopers. At 1:30am Amy and I went out posting signs for people to see in the morning in case anyone took him in since it was raining. After hanging up all the signs and driving around with the flashlight and calling his name more he came running up to the car like nothing happened.

Tim was very happy his dog came home. Guinness had been sitting on the floor starring at the door all night or laying on the couch moping. It was funny to see how he knew something was wrong. Poor dog thought he may have lost his brother.

Hope all is well with everyone! Until next time...xoxo


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