Sunday Night Blues

School starts back up in 2 weeks, just I finally have free time and starting to relax. The house we went to see yesterday that we were interested in is a no-go. It needs TOO MUCH work, at least 60,000$ before even living it. I wish it could have worked out but it just wasn't meant to be. So we will go back to casually looking and if something else comes along that spikes our interest we will look again.

On Tim's way home from work today the tire popped, literally spilt along the whole side. Now we need 2 new tires tomorrow. Have I mentioned how much I hate that car? Now I am home playing with my pictures on the computer while Tim fixes a leak in someone's wall. Then its Sunday night TV time and bed. Tomorrow I am baby sitting my favorite 2 boys!! Pray that this week goes by slow!!


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