Heads will roll...

Well Saturday we went to see the house again. My parents came this time, well my dad has already seen inside. My mom loved it. What will be Jack's room is already painted a light brownish/tan which is great. Another room we don't have to paint. So really the only room to paint is the master bedroom! YAY!

They knocked down the wall downstairs and it is one huge room, I like it even better. We couldn't be happier right now. The appraiser didn't go last week. We were told this week. Heads will roll if it doesn't happen. I want a closing date for sure. We have passed 2 closings now, Dec and Jan. Makes me mad.

Baby Update:
Next doctor appointment is Friday. Heartburn appeared at 6pm tonight and is still here. I want to rip my throat out. He is moving all the time, active little boy. I also told my students on Friday about the baby. Many said they thought I was pregnant but also thought I was getting fat... out of the mouths of babies. They asked when they get to name it... HAHA I said it is done already his name is Jack. The boys cheered over being a boy. Today I showed them some ultrasound pictures, the girls all did the "aawww so cute" sounds. I also told them they can't have me yell or get upset anymore, its not good for the baby. Hopefully that will work for the rest of the year.

Tim is ever busy with his business. He is either at the firehouse or working at someone's house. Whatever brings in the BACON, although he does need to remember to charge his phone more and keep it on. He is horrible with that and phones are the only thing we argue about. I feel like a parent threatening to cancel his phone.
I am enjoying myself more at work, my kids have been really good and we are getting our work done instead of talking or arguing. It has become more enjoyable and therefore my days seem to fly by also. Another good thing. Will update with pictures and news soon. I have to upload the camera to the computer.


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