Past the 1/2 way Mark

I still can't believe how time flies. After getting the positive on 9/9/09 I can't believe I am this far along already, know it is a boy and registering for baby goods. We are still waiting on the house to close, appraiser is the next step we are waiting on. I can't wait to set up Jack's room, and until we have the house I don't want to start ordering bedding and stuff.I have also "popped" I finally look pregnant and not just bloated, even though my butt is as big as my stomach now.
School is back in session and last week I was out of work due to strep again. Feeling much better now. Then this past weekend was busy, I went to the Palisades Mall on Saturday to have lunch with my friends from the Nest, and then I shopped with Monika for a few hours. Sunday, Tim and I went to the city to see Avenue Q, it was AWESOME! We saw 3 shows after we got married and nothing since, so it was long overdue.
Anyways the much liked photos to compare from the weeks before are below
. Until next time, xoxo!

21 Weeks 2 Days
21Weeks 2 Days - On way to the City


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