Nesting Projects

6.5 weeks since Charlotte was born and some projects have finally been completed. this indicates recently finished.

  • finish stairwell
  • shelf in stairwell
  • drainage for gutters
  • gutters
  • patio
  • kennel put up
  • garage
  • kitchen shades
  • kitchen door
  • kitchen shelf/light
  • nursery curtains & valance
  • living room rug
  • playroom
The attic is my newest project.  Once Tim adds more plywood I can really tackle the attic.  I have most bins coordinated up there but there is  still TONS of things that can be donated, sold or thrown out.  I am all about purging stuff lately.  Believe it or not I still have a bunch of boxes at my parents house I have to go through still, too.    I plan to have most of it done by the holidays, since many bins are Christmas related it will help.  Craigslist will be my bff soon.


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