When children don't sleep...

...it makes for cranky, exhausted parents.  Jack decided to not sleep last night, which was also the last night of our trip in upstate.  I tried everything, cuddling, rocking, drinks, diaper change, heck I even CLIMBED into the pack and play to rub his back.  NOTHING worked.  He slept with me in the bed, and even then he didn't really sleep, he kept crying and screaming.   Tim went into the other bed (our room had 2 queens) and slept with Charlotte.  Glad he got sleep.  9/10 times I deal with the children in the night, unless I basically refuse to wake up/move and listen to the crying long enough and he gets up.  I NEED A BREAK.

Guess who is on a break now? Tim!  He is duck hunting right now.

Yes, Tim works hard, yes he is never home from working.  Yet, when he is off of work he still does what he wants.  I don't get any time to myself unless I get one of our moms to help or hire a babysitter.  It sucks at times honestly, I wish I had more help and the flexibility he has.   When I return to work reality will set in, 2 kids in childcare, 2 kids leaving the house in the morning...  From what he says and how he acts because he works he can do these things.  Which isn't right because when I worked I still didn't get to do things.    I am on a bit of of a rant, I know because it is frustrating.  We just got home from being away since Friday night (oh and Jack was sick last week and even threw up 4 times before we left to go upstate).  We came home and within 30 minutes he left to go hunting and leaves me home to do the laundry, and take care of the kids.  Did I mention he went hunting for hours on Saturday upstate?  Why can't I have hobbies?  I know because I have no time and am given no time.  My time off is when I am in school, real fun.

Did I mention my 6 week old is still on a 3-4 hour schedule? So everything is more difficult.  I seriously was spoiled with baby Jack and now Toddler Jack and baby Charlotte are my payback.  I need to catch up on sleep from this past week.   I need and love schedules, but the current ones my kids are on, NO GOOD!


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