Hives Update.. some answers

 So we met with an allergist and got testing done. Eggs, Peaches, Grass, Ragweed and Trees!! The last 3 are seasonal allergies basically, so I am not too worried for them.
Peaches I had a feeling because in November he flaired up after a Gerber Oatmeal and Peaches meal and fruit cup.
EGGS?!?! He had eggs Thursday the day before testing with no reaction, doctor said its not life threatening more of an intolerance that in large quantities he will react and not in small amounts. He had no rash yesterday, as it finally cleared Tuesday. (After 14 full days of rash/hives)
So there still is something else too, we go back in March and will bring more things if we see them. At least we got some answers though I don't feel the 2 weeks of hives were from eggs, so the search continues. Having some answers is a start.
I LOVE the allergist we went to, which is great, he was awesome with Jack and containing him for 2.5 hours is no easy task.  He just started up in Westchester, he is director of allergies at Jacobi and teaches down at Einstein, too!


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