Hives...what is causing them??

Jack has had these since December 27th. We still have no idea what is causing them. Originally he was on Benadryl for 7 days, no relief. Then 4 days of Prednisone and still no relief. Made a trip to the ER at the recommendation of the pharmactist and pediatrician. Only to deal with te most obnoxious ER doctor at NWH. (the same one who dealt with Jack when he had his infection at skin gray site and said it was no big deal and then he was admitted for 4 days).
Then a Saturday appointment at the doctors for follow up ad blood work. Wednesday we got results back saying he did have some raised levels and go to Allergist. We have 2 appointments set up. One later today as one next Friday, for 2 opinions. As far as Jack knows nothing is going on he has even a champ but as parents we are freaking out. Hopefully soon we find answers.


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