Welcome to the Farm

I wanted ducks. So for weeks I stalked Tractor Supply during their "chick days" to have ducks, when they finally did- only 3 were left.  I raced over to the Tractor Supply in Patterson with Tim and the kids to buy our ducks.  We wound up 6 chickens and 3 ducks, 3 of those chickens are Rhode Island Reds and others are yellow.  We took them home on my birthday, Tim had a coop prepared already.  In almost 2 weeks they have already tripled in size.  The ducks are still my favorite, and the Reds are meanies, they beat on all the other ones in the coop.
So our farm has begun, hopefully when we move (we have been here 2 years already only one more year before we can sell!) we'll have more property and we can get more animals.  I want Jack to love animals, and get him into the 4H club but still enjoy the outdoors and learn to hunt and fish.  Everyday we have to go say hello to all the animals, he knows what sounds they make.  He loves visiting Fishie the Fish at my parents or Duke and Cupcake at Tim's parents. The all the birds and Copper here "dudu" as he calls him.



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