Picture pictures everywhere!!

I take a lot of pictures.  I know you know this already but I am trying to stay on top of it, deleting ones I have multiple of and keeping up with the printing, publishing and books.  It is a tough job.  I have been doing Photo 365.  Thankfully my iPhone makes this easy, double duty as a camera and app to put the pictures in for the day.  Then there is Shutterfly for my photo books, prints and the Project Life binder I bought before Jack was born but doing it for 2012. I have through March done, thanks to Saturday being childless for the day and was able to pour over 3 hours into it.

 Besides my own pictures I have an obsession with professional pictures at JCPenney and Picture People.  Tuesday, we (mom and I) stopped in since it looked empty at PP and they were, so we wound up getting a photo session done of the kids, in just what they were wearing.  Charlotte looked precious, and Jack his cool punk self in hot pink tshirt, jeans and converses.  We sure are a Converse family, I just got new ones and Char has purple ones when her feet get just a tad bigger.

I still need to make 2 year appointment and 9 month photos with the kids at JCP (still my place of choice).        Here are some of the recent pictures:


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