23 Months.

In one more month I will have a 2 year old.  Seriously?!  Life needs to slow down.  We have been in the this house for 2 years now, our family grew by adding a sister.  I am done with 10 grad school classes and have 2 left for the Fall Semester.  All in 2 years.

Jack's personality has exploded!! He says 2-3 new words a day.  He is very active (to say it nicely), he is over 25lbs now, his height will be remeasured on the 11th of May.  His birthday party is booked, invites are out and the goody bags are 95% complete.

Our days consist of playing with Little People toys, sitting on his sister, taking baths (nightly, he asks!).  Mondays we have swim and play dates typically, Tuesdays we have library, Wednesdays and Thursdays are gym and Fridays are spent with Grandma spending time (after he sleeps over there).   We visit our new pets (ducks, chicks and hens) daily with dudu (Copper).  He loves being outside.

Morning routine has changed, he refuses to sit in high chair anymore, stool for Jack now.  He also must have cheerios and milk, quite the mess but cute.  Also he must have CHAI in a Starbucks mug- ONLY MILK, but what he doesn't know won't hurt him.  If we are at a Starbucks he ust have a cup of fruit, and cup of chai (milk).  It is sad that Jack says "chai" and "starbucks" and if he doesn't listen to me I can say "no starbucks!" and he immediately listens.  I created a monster.

SLEEP is still good, he is still in the crib (thankfully!) and Charlotte is in hers, I put them to bed TOGETHER by 8:30/9pm each night and they sleep well past 9am every morning.  They know I need my sleep and well I guess they love their sleep too.  In the morning when I hear them I knock on the door and Jack says "Hi", then I go in.  Charlotte is sitting up in her crib 9/10 times and I get Jack out of crib and then we get Char out.   He loves her and she idolizes him.  Although I cannot wait for the day she clocks him back.  He is so rough with her and she just takes it.  Count down to 2 begins.  If you see him ask him hold old he is, he'll say "two!"


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