Wittlebee Review

I had been hearing things about Wittlebee for a while now, so I finally decided to try it.  It is a monthly delivery service for clothing (newborn-5T) of all brand new clothes valued around $100 but only costs $39.99 a month.  The clothing is solid colored for the most part, and basic clothing items: leggings, onesies, shirts, shorts, dresses, socks and more. The clothing is yours to keep, or donate back when you are finished.

I was impressed on how quickly the box arrived from Wittlebee, they use USPS for shipping.  I made a profile for Charlotte to start: 12 months size, warm weather clothing for a hipster/geek girl according to their style profiles.  Your GIRL choices are princess, hipster, mix & match, diva or geek girl and BOYS choices are casual, preppy, hipster, mix & match, and sporty. examples of sample boxes
I am going to try it with Jack next.  I recommend you try it, cancel if you don't like, but I am sure you will.  (Also a great gift to give to new parents!!)

Our box came with :

  • Children's Place shorts
  • Teddy Boom dress 
  • American Apparel onesie
  • j. Khaki shorts
  • Teddy Boom leggings
  • Carter's leggings
  • Laughing Giraffe onesie
  • Rabbit Skins dress
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Disclosure Statement: More info found here
Outside of Box
Glimpse of clothes 


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