Little People Palooza at the Bronx Botanical Gardens

Saturday the 13 Fisher Price was hosting a LP Palooza at the Botanical Gardens, my sister Kim and I decided to bring the kids a few weeks back.
Saturday morning, we picked her up, got our Starbucks and set out to the Gardens. Jack was ready to see his favorite toys in action, Michael, Eddie and Sonya were there Live singing and dancing. Both kids were mesmerized by them, watching intently at first and them Jack danced in the on the steps, clapping and singing along too.

It was a short show, so after we head to the Children's Garden so Jack could run around and they had other toys and FP sponsored play area, parade and pumpkins everywhere- carved out or made into figures. Jack and Charlotte had a ball. We didn't have enough time or we would have stayed much longer, going back is on our list of things to do.



Jennifer said…
That looks like it was too cute!!

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