Quinny Yezz

I participated in a Focus Group over 3 weeks for moms in/near various cities all over the world.  I represented NY among a few other moms,  on the final week we were told it was a focus group for Quinny strollers. I was told from the beginning I would be paid $40 gift card to Amazon when the community was completed with possibilities of prizes.  Little did I know I would be selected to be among the moms to receive a new stroller!

It is their lightweight travel in mind umbrella stroller, with a price tag of $225USD, a steep price for an umbrella stroller, but it keeps up with the Quinny reputation and price tags of being awesome and expensive. I received the Red Signal one and it took literally 3 minutes to set up, just add the seat on.  Only complaints/issues is the ease of opening and closing, it is a bit stiff and take a minute to open/close, others reviewed this stroller with the same complaints.  This stroller is not on the market in the US just yet though, soon I am sure.   It is made especially for the urban communities and city life in mind, folding up to praticially nothing and with a strap to carry on your shoulder up stairs or down and onto buses, cities or trains.


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