Grad School...

is consuming my life.  I have 4 weeks left with a total of 7 classes.  I choose these 2 classes as electives, well I have had more work, papers and reports in just one of them then I did in my past 10 classes including my Thesis paper and research paper, its killing me.  I don't need these classes either, I chose them to fulfill the credits for the degree itself.  I am kicking myself for challenging myself.  I know in the end it will all work out, I will have the degree and 2 additional licenses in NYS.  I started in Sept 2010 and completed in 5 semesters.  Not bad for starting with a 4 month old and adding a second child during it also.
Now if only I could find a job, I have been applying, was offered 2 jobs since the summer but were an insult pay wise.  Looking into substituting after holidays, we'll see.  Fingers crossed for a full time, well paying gig.

Give me a few more weeks and blog will pick up again.


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