Sandy Part 2

We wound up being without power from 6:30 Monday night until Thursday (today) around 11am.  We got home at noon, so not 100% sure when it came on.   The kids were very good throughout.  They were up at Tim's parents house at night for warmth while Tim and I dealt with the dog and generator at home.  Our generator is tiny, we had a lamp, fridge and at night TV hooked up to watch a movie. (both night Tim passed out before movie ended).  Tuesday while the kids were at in-laws we went out to cut down trees for people, he cut I hauled the branches. We make a good team.
Wednesday, I took the kids to the mall with my father and sister and ran errands.  The mall was chaos, we didn't last long. Trick or treating at night in Pawling was fun, Jack LOVES candy.  We took them back home and they went straight to bed.

PS. Jack has done AWESOME the first 2 nights of having his big boy bed.  Sleeps through the night and got up at or after 8:30am.  Go Jack!! Waiting for his Thomas sheets to arrive and then order his bed spread.

Today (Thursday) Jack had swimming, my little fishie is a jumping fool!We came home to power...woohoo!  Thankfully our families were all safe during the storm. Hope your's did too.


Jennifer said…
That is awesome that you went out to help! I need to get some donations down to those who need it.

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