Crap it's been a month..

You'd think since I have this handy app on my phone I would be better at blogging (that was my plan after all). Then again I didn't realize how busy I would be with 2 toddlers running around, Charlotte turned 18 months just 2 weeks ago. Can you freaking believe it? For a year and half now I have been a SAHM for 2, I still can't.

I am "working from home" selling jewelry through Origami Owl, doing home and online parties and a few vendor events. Next vendor night is coming up I. April unless I book more before then. I finally started applying for teaching positions to get back out there working/teaching. Just finishing with the state on all my paperwork for them, everything else seems to be in order thankfully (until next hiccup).

Jack is signed up for preschool in Fall, Char will do Two Program and hopefully Jack will also go into Teens and Tots program 2 days a week if it all works out between the child care and my schedule. Jack is loving school and taking Charlotte back to car has been difficulty because she wants to stay.

SHORT and SWEET and I wrote this 20 days ago and never posted.. whoops


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