Programs.. more and more.

In the past week or two I have received more free stuff to try and share, mail time is getting more exciting with each day!  I have gotten free rewards or waiting for those gifts in the mail, also!
I am in process of setting up a monthly play event (Putnam County) with free products for the kids/moms, more on that soon!

Free rewards programs I do:

  • KELLOGGS :  There are free codes with different point values everywhere.  Aso we are huge waffle people, (Jack's breakfast of choice as of lately) and every box has codes inside.  Enter the codes, collect points, cash in for rewards and you're done.  Other perks: bonus points certain products and emailed coupons for cereal, and other snacks/treats. Everything is is free!
    • Some free codes for Kelloggs: EASTEREGGHUNTFUN, HOWITWORKS20PNTS, (45 poitns!!)
  • PAMPERS: I have been doing this one for 3 years now.  They offer free codes (at least once a month) and then points are found on stickers on the case of diapers and wipes (also in seem of individual packs).  The number of points depends on the size of the package.  We have cashed out for strollers, kid shopping carts and GCs!
  • HUGGIES: same type of program as Pampers but with different prizes.  I have been doing this one for 3 years too.
  • Stonyfield: This program is ENDING April 12, 2013 so if you have been doing it cash points in ASAP!  
  • BzzAgent: I have done 2 programs in last month for them now (Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy and Pure Madness Chocolates) They send you samples, coupons and things to try and you blog about them in return. (twitter, instagram, etc)


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