One busy week

 I set out to do one kid friendly fun event each day for a week in August (deplayed post)  We succeeded and the kids were tired every night (as was I)!  Granted every day is like summer for us: I am home, we have lithe that is "required/scheduled" for us and we can just go-go-go.  The weather is warmer and certain activities places are only open during the summer (local lakes and beaches). Onto our quest:

MONDAY- Animal Kingdom (Pet store) we like to visit to see the fish, birds and large turtle Turbo.  Then we met with friends at the beach and played for a few hours, building/squashing sand piles and splashing in the water.


TUESDAY- We decided to meet Aunt Kim at the movies with the two boys she watches (and I used to since the youngest was 8 months now in 2nd grade, man do I feel old).  So we went to see Turbo at the theater and it kept their attention for a solid 40 minutes and Char was over it.  So we hung out in the lobby or on the side of theater watching the movie from my arms.  I do enjoy Disney movies so much more, it will not be a movie I run out to buy for the kids.

WEDNESDAY- Cousin Ryan came over and we went ice skating.  The kids amazed me, they didn't fall on skates walking around and loved being on the ice.  We ran errands in the afternoon and later that day had dinner at Desert Moon for their weekly kids night with grandma too.  Jack went home with grandma to sleep over.  We may have been down a Jack for the night but we gained two cousins who slept over in his place.

THURSDAY- ZOO DAY!  We took a trip to the Bronx Zoo with our friends and cousin Ryan.  This was our first time in the Butterfly house too.

FRIDAY- Aunt Kim and Grandma joined us for a beach day at the Veteran's Park (our summer hang out).  When we showed up our friends were there too, so the kids played while we relaxed, watched and talked.

SATURDAY- Kids hung out at in-laws, hung out with their Uncle Kevin before he headed back to work and ate with their Great Grandparents too.  Daddy and Mommy we able to sneak a quick dinner in.

SUNDAY- Beach day #3 of the week, this time PaPa Neil joined us.  It was overcast and we decided to just go to the beach anyways.  A little girl had been catching frogs before we got there and showed the kids, next thing I know our buckets are full of frogs and Charlotte is running all over holding them.  She is just like her mother, no fear and just picks up anything, I have always loved frogs too.  All afternoon she ran around with frogs playing, Jack liked them but refused to touch.


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