Sunday Mass- Jack and Grandma

Taking any toddler is an adventure.  Staying quiet for almost an hour is a challenge for even adults.  Well last Sunday, the 15th, Jack wanted to go with Grandma when we brought her over there.    A mass to remember, my mom wrote down the "incidents" so I could share.

-Jack picked up seat cushion and was flapping it up and down
-Jack crawled under pew and said "hi lady"  to woman behind them
-During mass when priest raised the holy communion and the alter boy ran the bell Jack yelled out "time's up let's go"
-Granma took him in the back and showed him a picture of the Pope. He says to the picture "Pope can I go to the bakery" and then he turned to Grandma and says, "Pope says yes" (in response to my mom saying no bakery because of his behavior"
-Jack looks at the candles and yells out "oh no, FIRE!"
-When the usher came with the basket for donation Jack refused to put the money in, Grandma took it from him and put it in.  Jack yelled "give me back  my money"

Oh Jack... I think this is better then when he was about 13 months old and he yelled "DADDY" at the Jesus on the cross statue and had the entire church laughing.


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