Frozen Obsession

Jack and now Charlotte are obsessed with the movie Frozen.  Jack and I have seen it 3times now.  I have also preordered the DVD with Digital Copy.  I know it will be watched over and over again, might as well have the copy for our electronics too!

It all started when I took him to the advance screening in the city thanks to The Moms/Mamarazzi (check out first review).  Then we had to bring Grandma, Aunt Kim and Charlotte in Thanksgiving to see movie.  Bring on Charlotte's obsession.  We downloaded the soundtrack, learned every word to the songs, and dance/sing to anyone who will watch/listen.  Fun times! 

Christmas presents included the Toddler Dolls of Anna and Elsa, dress up sets for Anna and Elsa.  We could not find Sven or Olaf dolls anywhere, I waited too long and missed the chance when I did have time.  So we have to continue our search in our local stores.

If you haven't seen Frozen, go now! A great story, music and overall experience. Thumbs up from our family! 


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