To new goals, wishes and dreams...2013 is in the past

12 more months have gone by, the kids are 12 months older and TWENTY-FOURTEEN is bringing on another 12 months of growth, change, and memories to be made.  

Looking back on the past year my family has done a lot; whether it was together or individually we packed in as much as we could in the past 12 months.  Here is my review:

January: Trip to Botanical Garden to meet Thomas the Tank Engine, playing in snow, filming for the Rachel Ray show, sick visits to the ER 

February: #disasterbaby created, Jack started 2s program at school, playdates at Playscape,  

March: warm weather walks, Easter egg hunts, Home Depot workshops

April: Roadtrip to Disney World, I turned 28, park outings, farm visits, potty training

May: Jack turns 3, birthday party, Day Out with Thomas CT trip, Geocaching, Char sprains leg and in soft cast, Veteran's Park trips begin, allergic reactions

June: Zoo trips, outdoor playing, Father's Day, graduations, camp begins, family hikes, family vacation to Delaware/Maryland

July: Vacation continued, The View with my sister, movies, water damage to house, yard work, mall summer programs with friends, NYC dad's birthday, lake days, bye bye crib, 4H fair

August: Foxwoods, Justin Timberlake concert in PA, carnivals, parades, builder programs, movies, ice skating, zoo, foundation work on house, Dutchess County Fair, Charlotte turns 2, Long Island weekend trip with aunt & uncle, NYC trip with kids

September:  Strut Fashion Show, Maroon 5 Concert, Kid Rock concert, The Color Run in Brooklyn,  Back to School for Jack, soccer program, I started working Part time 

October: Friends wedding, Columbus Weekend in the Catskills, Tim turned 30, Charlotte started school, Halloween trick or treating, parties and parades 

November: Movies, shed demo, cousin dinner, Frozen movie with Jack in the city, playdates, Seeing Daughtry, 10 year HS reunion, Thanksgiving, mommy & me photos 

December: Elf on the Shelf arrived, zoo trip with our friends, Wolf Conservation Center Daddy/Son day, Holiday on the Lake parade- marching with school float, moms night out in the city, FH Christmas party, Christmas, parties, cousins wedding, cousins engagement party, dinners out with kids, Frozen movie for 3rd time, GNO with friends

These are some of the bigger or repeated things we did in 2013, can't wait for 2014!  Happy New Year everyone!


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