Back to Work for This Mama

Front Seat Office
I am back to work, after being home for almost 3 years, (granted I completed grad school while home).  I started back in September easing into being back at work with only a few hours each week and I subbed a few times at a nearby school. Febuary came and literally in one week I went from 2 hours to 14 hours, with about 2 hours of driving each day all over to my cases.  Working Tuesday through Thursday.

I love it!  Working with great little kids, teachers and families and seeing the effects of my work is incredible.  I am so happy to be out of the house, making a difference and bringing in money again doesn't hurt either, especially since Starbucks upped the price if my drink last week (haha).       

I wish I had done this earlier on, since the schedule is flexible for moms.  Though it never really crossed my mind until after I had Jack and after he started his Early Intervention services for his hand.  Then after seeing how much it has helped him, talking with his therapist and going back to school, things changed.  After talking with a SEIT who came to evaluate Jack when he was transitioning into CPSE (preschool services), I interviewed with the agency and was hired.  Another good thing that came from Jack's hand. 

The biggest adjustment was finding out where the kids will go/be while I am out working without changing their schools this year. Thankfully both sets of grandparents help out and have the kids one day a week, and then we have been rotating between friends/sitters for the other.  We also found a new school for them next year which offers more days and longer days, a nearby Catholic School.  Jack and Char are excited for that, they checked it out and have it their seal of approval (had a train table and urnials- Jack was sold).  Luckily we have two extremely social and outgoing kids that have no problem going anywhere and being with anyone.  Just last week, Tim's friend from Ireland stayed with them while I had a case, he told the guy while I was gone "you talk funny and are not from around here".  Our friend laughed, quite funny from the kid who was receiving speech therapy while out friend was here too.  Out of the mouths of babes, right?! 

So as our family adjusts to two working parents.  Did you know he is "the man of the house" when Tim works overnights? He says it too with a deep voice to "sound like a man" as he puts it.  Another chapter in our family has begun. 

Hi Ho Hi Ho it's off to work I go!! 


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