Saturday Night City Date with Jack

Last Saturday night Jack and I headed down to the Children's Museum of Art for a Launch Party for The Dragon and The Rabbit.   He was in heaven, we were going to ride a train "Thomas" from the Bronx to get there.  Having individual time with both kids is a priority and doing something fun, Charlotte and I had gone to see Pirate Fairy screening a few weeks ago, now is Jack's time.

The Dragon and the Rabbit was created by Anjana Eapen-Sathaye. Who has many years in the fashion industry before going on her own and a mother of two.  Named after the years her kids were born (Rabbit & Dragon), the use of bright primary colors and designs are attractive for traditional clothing designs, easy-to-care for clothes which are made from natural cotton fibers.  Lots of reds, blues, blacks and white, of course Jack instantly loved the blue and white striped shirt with red train that wrapped around from front to back.  I bought Charlotte the blue dress with white stars and red accents to match, planning sibling photos already (pictured above).  

The Rabbit and The Dragon Clothing
The Children's Museum of Art where the event took place was interesting, only seeing a very small portion I would love to go back with the kids another day to explore.  The Ball Pond seemed to be a favorite for the younger crowd, filled with large excerise/balance balls instead of the normal small ones when one thinks of a "ball pit".  

Jack and I continues our "mommy and me" adventure to Time Square, since the uptown train wasn't stopping local, We had to ride south to turn around and go back north, this excited Jack.  A new train #3, Henry,  which we rode to get to Toys R Us.  I love the fact that he is getting order and enjoys the city, he informed me "the city is the best place especially with you only mom". He sure melts my heart.  Toys R Us has a giant Minion in the store currently, Jack had to pose, his upcoming birthday party is Minion themed.  Then he picked out a train and some birthday presents.  

from our travels during the day
Before heading back to the Bronx and our car, he wanted a pretzel the size of his head, I got Starbucks and we headed back to the Subway. After a quick visit to see Daddy at work (and more desert) we finally headed home.  He didn't pass out until we were half way home.  He did great walking everywhere and having a long day/night out.  

I think it's a great idea to have individual time with the kids, have planned and leaving the rest to them, following their lead.  I can't wait for our next adventure together with my little boy. 

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post, invited and provided a discount.  All opinions are my own.


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