The Jackster

Jack turned 4, my first is four, and we have survived!  I have heard fours are awful, I am hoping its not true.  We have had behaviors and the nonstop nagging, questions, doing the opposite of what I ask but overall nothing major.  That or I am blinded by the behavior, attitude and pure differenceness of his younger sister.  Everytime she does something I find myself saying Jack never did that.

This past year he started weighing over 30lbs (crazy thats important but he is such a skinny mini its redic), potty trained quickly and easy, started preschool-3 and loved it, also started in CPSE in the fall to conitnue help with his hand, artricultaion and core strength.  He is a charmer with everyone, and learned the at of maniuplation and coning early on.  Did you know he requires a "prize" also while Char now potty trains? He doesn't remember his prizes from last year so he needs them again (so he says) again he is a master of trying to get everything.  

This past year everything has been the "best ever (Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Birthday, Thomas ride)", he is acknowledging things, understanding deeper thoughts, remembers everything  and repeats more.  Guess that is growing up, right?  He continues his obsession for Grandma, even telling me to mail his birthday presents to her house for his birthday morning because he did not want to miss out on his sleepover, instead Grandma slept at our house.  He also hasn't stopped talking about going on vacation with Grandma and Grandpa without mommy in a few months, its just a long weekend but for him its months.

Mommy-son time:  We have been going out weekly and doing something special small or big, his favorites are big adventures to city, shopping, or going somewhere new.  Always asking if he is "man of the house" when daddy is working.  He loves being in charge.   He loves school and I can't wait to see what this year brings us.  Current obsessions: Thomas Trains, Legos and Minions.  He has his own iTouch and loves watching Disney movies (Frozen, Planes, Up and Pirate Fairy are main favorites and Incredibles and Despicable Me 2) on this iTouch.  

Each new day brings on a new conversation, jokes, and compassion/love of others from Jack.  As crazy as he can be, he is boy, my first and a mini me.  Each night we sign off with:

M-"I love you Jack"
J-"I love you mommy"
M-"I love you more"
J-"No, I love you more"
M-"I love you the most"
"No mommy, I love you the most"

This is one argument we can tie in. 


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