Columbus Weekend in the Catskills

Another Columbis Day weekend has come and gone.  A week back in the grind already, school, doctor appointments and events in NYC to attend.  I have to say having limited cell reception and no wifi for almost 3 full days lets you check out digitally and check back in physically.

The kids love going away in general but for Columbus Weekend everyone on my Mother-in-Law's side is there also, the amount of kids is insane.  Jack loved hanging out with "his boys", Char loved her girl cousins and all the newly attained "princes" she got to hang out with.   Or the little girl on the huge playground she walked up to, grabbed her hand while declaring "you are my new best friend" and walked off with.   I love that my kids are so friendly.

6 kids at once.. impossible
I went go-karting with a bunch of the cousins one night, some ventured in a haunted house but I stayed out waiting.  We still attended Lowes' Build and Grow program with the kids, making Haunted Houses for their candy at the Catskills Lowes.  Hunter Mountain's Oktober Fest was much smaller this year but Jack and. Char both attempted the rock wall climb making it half way up.  I was beyond proud of Jack, last year he never even showed interest and with his hand and all the psychical and occupational therapy he climbed TWO times!! Monkey girl Char gave it a ago too.  The kids' tent this year had ghost crafts, pumpkin decorating and pipe cleaner spiders the kids made all for free.  Great projects too.

Glenbrook Farm, where we all stay, was as always beautiful with the lake, leaves, and animals the kids love to see and feed.  Both kids were maniacs on their bikes chasing the bigger cousins around, Jack even attempting riding without training wheels a few times, go Jack!  They also painted ceramics to bring home, Jack did a penguin with Tim and Char painted a snake.  We have projects now from 2006 to current and memories.

Jack jumped into our picture
Cannot wait until next year!!

Cairo's Apple Fest

Practiced without training wheels

hug attacks


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