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Recently I was able to meet with many great companies and learn about brands that make travel for moms easier.  Yup, traveling as a mom and it being easy, it is possible.  Nicole from, brought together her favorite brands that make traveling easier for her and families alike.   Brands like The Container Store, Guardian Insect Repellant, Baby Bjorn, Miraclesuit, Vicks Zzzquil, New York Family, and more.   Nicole shared that one of the first things she got for her children were passports; travel for her family is a top priority and the experiences together.

I agree, I want my children to see everything, even at their young ages, while they may not remember I WILL. I think people who say its a waste and don't travel to places near and far are missing out.  While the furthest we have been is Disney World with the kids, we drove down and stopped in fun places to see the sights, and even while in Orlando, did other attractions along with the House of Mouse.  Jack was 1.5 months when he started going on our annual family vacation to the Jersey Shore with Tim's family, and 5 months when we went to Philadelphia.  Then Boston/Salem before he turned one. Does he remember those trips? No, but I do, and he loves looking through our photo books at him as a baby.

Eric from NewYork Family magazine was there and shared 5 top things about families and travel trends:
1-indoor waterparks are huge
2-follow the weather, more people are visiting Canada lately
3-National Parks, more families NEED to go to National Parks
4-Mutligenerational travel is big
5-NY "can be sold to the world" there is something here for everyone in NY State (I agree!)
All Eric's  points were perfect points for me, we are checking out Great Escape this summer with the grandparents (1, 4 and 5), family vacation with Tim's family (4) this summer, I love going to even the smaller local national parks with the kids now (3).  Canada is on my list in the next 1-2 years with kids (2).

With summer coming, kids are going in the water and well us moms have to go in with them.  We want to look and feel good but be comfortable and have coverage.  MiracleSuit was there to show off their new styles for every body shape and mom.  Even the adorable covers they offer.  I took part in their mini fashion show with some fellow amazing moms, instantly in love with a one piece and the last one piece I wore was while pregnant.  The suit from MagicSuitSwim named Molly Fringe is my new favorite, perfect at the indoor water park I visited later that week.

Glam Squad is a new come to you beauty treatment that can meet you around Miami, NY and LA for hair, makeup and soon nails.  Baby Bjorn was there to share with us great travel equipment for kids, a mini pack and play that folds with mattress perfectly into a suitcase size.  Diaper bag tips- always keep a book, you never know when the kids will fall asleep and where you will be when that happens.   Nicole's sleep kit for travel: sleep mask, ear plugs, mask for clean face, Vick's Zzzquil, to sleep soundly- pack once and keep in suitcase so it is always there.


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