New Venture: Apple Moms in the Hudson Valley

The beginning of 2015 many changes happened online.  One major one was relaunching the business I built as Apple Moms in the Hudson Valley and Apple Moms HV LLC.   After pouring my heart into this website and spending hours nightly and weekly for month, on top of teaching, two kids activities and keeping the house running around me I started over, solo.  Personally once again I confirmed many things I knew, professionally it was a leap, jump and huge growth.

Apple Moms in the Hudson Valley is a website for moms (and dads) that brings weekly events, product roundups, giveaways and information on places and events in the Hudson Valley straight to moms' Facebook, twitter and email.  We hope to expose moms and their families things they didn't know before, visit or use.  So while all that has been happening, my family site has taken a back burner but I am jumping back in.  I am changing the name to The Proctor Fam Musings based on the fact we are out of diapers, no homework as I finished grad school in 2012, and well my family has grown, we are all over and I want to encompass all that in one place.  

My job as a teacher continues to teach me new things, at the events I have attended I have come across so many new products and toys that help me and my students I plan to share that more, as a mom I plan to share about the kids, our life and travel.  Also share what I have seen and learned and many of the wonderful events I have opportunities to attend.   I love growth, I love sharing and I love informing.  If you know me, you know I love to help people.  Everything I do helps someone (or I atleast hope it does).

I hope you stick around through the changes, through the growth and over the years. 


Some pictures from my recent birthday with the kids and some of our recent adventures.


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