My Mom Essentials for Summer

July is warm weather, lots of family events (summer) and outings and sandals!  What is it that you must have?  Bags, shoes and essentials?  I have a few things that are My Mom Essentials for Summer, they are always with me or my go-tos along with my jeans with a tee/tank staple outfit. #1 essential is my phone hands down, the iPhone 6Plus 128g, over 90gigs are currently pictures.

Bags:  Now that I am past the diaper bag stage (woohoo!), I can have cute bags but I still need a decent size.  Let's face it even though I don't have diapers, baby food and bottles with me anymore I still am the "holder" for everything the kids want to bring but not carry.  Also with always being on the go and still connected online I carry an iPad or my Macbook with me often. Don't forget the camera, external battery and a Thomas train or two and a My Little Pony.  I need something big, but still trendy and something "me".  LeSportsac makes backpacks which are perfect for all my needs and so many fun prints. I found the Voyager Backpack in Blissful, it has 3 outer pockets, 4 inner pockets-3 of them mesh.  Closures include zippers, clips and drawstring.  What I like about backpacks at this point, it fits everything and is practical for days out at the farm, a park, zoo and shopping. I can pack lunches and carry them too. Backpack are not just for kids anymore.

At the last Apple Moms MNO event(check out the MNO events I host), we were able to give away a Medium Weekender bag to a lucky Mom.  The winner was ecstatic.  A great bag for quick sleep overs, gym bags, and travel carryon.  Which is your favorite style from LeSportsac?

Sandals: After having high boots this winter which were total comfort and stylish (I wrote a review for Apple Moms), I was given choice for pair of summer shoes,  I picked out the Priya Sandals.   Totally my style and again comfortable.  Dansko has once again proven that they are not just a work or "grandma person" shoe.  I have worn them to Baptisms, school functions, shopping, events and everyday use.  I love the support, the little bit of added height and style.  I mean I just turned 30, does 30 mean being more practical?  If it does, feet comfort has been the most practical for me.

Water Bottles: So recently I decided I need to drink even more water and also try to lessen my milk/Starbucks intake.  Partly because of the cost and the other because water intake helps with being healthy.  The kids and I are trying out zo-li water bottles in PIP(18oz) and DASH (12oz).  I love how cute they are for the kids and myself.  Straw water bottles, with a mixed of vacuum insulated styles and regular.

Wallet: I need a wallet that carries a lot, bonus would be my phone also.  I found the ideal one at Vera Bradley called the Turn Lock Wallet.  Although in many patterns I chose my favorite color hot pink, since practically everything I own has pink in it, to match.  I can place my iPhone 6+ in the zippered part or close in the front when I am just carrying the wallet out.

Disclosure:  I received some of the products in this post for free in exchange for an honest review.  No other compensation was exchanged.  As always all opinions expressed are 100% honest and my own. 


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