Conference Recaps July 2015

While I continue to recover and plan out posts and reviews coming up between here and Apple Moms in the Hudson Valley, I learned some valuable information.  Be yourself and true to yourself.  When I started this blog, it was before kids, after marriage and just to keep up to date and inform family and friends what we were up to.  Then I began to share pregnancy and house updates.  For there I started to share my opinions on brands/products after becoming involved in some influencer programs.  Then as a person who loves to inform, share and influence others with what I learn and know. (I am a teacher after all), I started Apple Moms (Tots) which is a lot of work, its not just parties and swag.  I have to follow through, hence separating and starting independently as Moms.

Authenticity is important.   I do not like everything, everyone and everywhere I go.  Sometimes things purely do not impact me, I do not have a need or want.  Having a team of moms helps and works as there are moms, who these things do work for, and they do like and want to visit.  So I am still able to get opinions out, just not my own.  Every mom, baby, kid and family are different.  Why do you think Facebook boards do so well too?

So when I meet with brands, companies and people I am able to portray that.  I know what works for my family and what I prefer, like and love.  So I can still help them get their product/message out in some form.   What I am passionate about, you can tell.  Education, travel, family and my kids top that list.

Messages I learned were to share your passions with other, don't push your opinion, don't be unreal, but share your feelings respectfully.   Even more important is to have FUN.  The people I have been over the past 2 years have all helped, changed or became friends.  Everyone's goals are different and most importantly their voice is different.  Like I said above, what works for them may not work for me, their kids and not my kids- we are all different.  I hope and plan on continually being real and true to myself and helping others.


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