On the Bikes

We are clearly not your typically soccer or t-ball parents.  Have you met us?  I tried soccer with Jack two years ago- I ended up wearing him in the carrier and Charlotte played when he wasn't pretending to be spiderman on the fence.  So we may not be in the World Series or World Cup years from now,  Oh well!  Our family dreams of the X-Games and Winter Olympics.  Perfect since we (Tim and I)  met as teens on a ski mountain.   Our hobbies include hiking, bike riding, dirt bikes, quads and recently we signed the kids up for strider bike races.

Having active young ones they are on the go,  to sleep, they need to be worn out, so how do you wear them out?  MOVING!  Having issues listening and waiting, team sports are hard right now, probably even more for me.  Stares, comments, do you want me to add a sign to my kids back with a label?  Individual but skilled activities are participated in with ease and they are good.  I mean what kid doesn't want to get on a motorcycle and go?  Or sit on a bike and fly down a hill balancing?  My sport back in high school was running, yes I ran for fun, as much as team sport that was, I was able to let off steam, energy, and set my mind on one goal independently to the finish line.

We love watching them, we love riding with them, heck I like getting on a balance bike myself and racing the kids down the hill.   Its a rush, a thrill and its outdoors.   Hyperactive and busy kids need to move, they need to burn off energy and they need to get unplugged and play outside.  Bikes do this.  Our goal too is to work on riding without training wheels, both have balance its the fear.  Then he can start racing the entire track length.  Until then we will watch bike racing while other watch baseball, and dream of dirt jumps instead of white bases and strikes.



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