New School, New Routine, It's October

It has been a breath of fresh air this year for the kids and I.  Jack started Kindergarten at a new school, Charlotte followed him there, a month in and all reports are how great the kids are doing.  Hallelujah! Jack is riding a bus and loving it, while Char and I have our routine of morning Starbucks together before I drop her off at school.  This year though same school, they are in separate buildings giving them individuality, and identity.  They will not be in the same building together until Jack's in second grade and Charlotte starts first.

I have been home, working on rebuilding my case load for work as my kids transitioned from summer to fall they left me. I am enjoying being home and slowly working on room by room to clean out and organize.  Also working on Apple Moms and growing with the help of the Apple Mom team.  I have plans and dreams and making my goals come true. Although all the extra time I thought I would have with both in school and no work, is still not here.  There really is never enough time in a day.

Another change, the kids are home all week long, no more sleep outs.  This has helped with routine and behavior for both kids, Tim also started vacation time this month giving him more time at home with us as a family and hands on.  He went to school with Jack during fire safety week, and stopped in Charlotte's classroom too.  I am one of the Class Moms for Jack's class. Its all very excited for us this year, sense of normalcy.  After the end of the year and summer we had, coming together as a unit of four was exactly what was needed.


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