Dreamland Fairy Kits for Kids

We love building, imagining and creating. We have fairy gardens outside, doors on the inside and now a fort in their bedroom.   We sure do love fairies, which is why we love Dreamland Fairy.

We chose the Dreamland Tooth Fairy Fort, as the kids are starting to loose their teeth.  Actually the day Jack lost a tooth, he painted and decorated it, we read the story and placed the tooth in the chest that the fort comes with.  The Story explained to us that it can be hard for fairies to find teeth under lumpy pillows and having it in a chest is easier for them to find the teeth.  The fairies leave a treat in the chest, money for him.  We liked the fort so much, he lost two teeth, two days apart.   

From a parent perspective this was easy for me, since I don't have to worry about possibly waking him up. The chest is small, a perfect size for dollars or a treat.  Their own creativity is on display with how they decorate, and between teeth it sits on their dresser.  

In the story that comes in the book, the fairies like to fly to their assigned kids and listen to their dreams to gather stories to return to Dreamland and share.  Besides the Dreamland Tooth Fairy Fort, there is also the Fairy Kit, a house with a small secret door that is left open when the fairy has stopped by to listen to dreams.  Ready moms, for us its a routine when turning off the night light while they are sleeping.  Also it doesn't happen each night, so its a surprise when its opened (when you remember).  

The kits come unpainted and ready to go with paint and accessories.  How to paint is up to your child's imagination. Great rainy day activity, present for a friend or gift when your child gets their first loose tooth.

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Disclosure:  We received a Tooth Fair Fort for review.  All opinions are my own and as always honest. 


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