NEW: Disney Magical World 2

Attention Nintendo Fans!  There is a new game out and you want it.

The New Disney Magical World 2 game for 3DS is officially out.  We checked out the game during the launch in NYC with Singer/Actress Olivia Holt.  She even helped me with my costume.  -Jack (6)

I like that you can pick your own character and dress up/design to how I want them to be and then play with them on the different levels. - Charlotte (5)

There are assignments during the game, you have to make your character complete. -Jack

We cannot wait to play with it on our own after seeing the features and trials at the event. -Charlotte

I loved dressing up as a princess and having my hair and makeup done, Olivia Holt even watched me.   - Charlotte

Game is available now and perfect for kids of all ages, worlds have improved from the first Disney Magical World 2, new music and fun.  Go check out your favorite characters and play this game, so many new hours of fun.

Hanging out with Olivia Holt

You can find the game at your local stores or online at  AMAZON (ad link).


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