Basement Renovation

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Watch out Chip and Joanna, the Proctor team is coming one room at a time.  When we were house hunting a basement was a must, it didn't need to be finished we just needed one.  The house we bought had a huge one, broken into two parts.  We had a plan and it was the first thing we started when we moved in.  Unfortunately, we came across a major water problem, that put a halt on the work inside and we moved outside.  We put in curtain drains and we resealed two of the outside walls the front right and right side when looking at the house.  This was also done between Tim working his job and running his business.  Full plate without a doubt.

Old Stairs after wall demolition 

New farming, insulation and whole house filter
What we did:
  • ripped out old wood paneling, framing and insulation
  • dropped celling taken out
  • resealed, insulated and brand new sheet rock
  • ripped out staircase since they were "opened"- replaced with new stairs
  • dark room ripped out for a half bath
  • 3 closets went back in against back wall (two storage/toy and utility)
  • all new electrical lines, plumbing lines and cable lines were put in the ceiling beams. 
  • playhouse built under stairs

  • Grey Owl= Benjamin Moore (Walls)
  • Hale Navy- Benjamin Moore (Playhouse)
  • White ceilings, doors and trim
Closets/Flooring Picture 
Front view of Playhouse

  • vinyl plank peel and stick floor but we also glued it. Grey Ember from Traffic Master through Home Depot. 
  • whole house filter 
  • cedar shingles for the playhouse
A playroom is born.  I have always envisioned a playroom for the kids t have all their toys. A TV for the video games and this room being about to grow with them; from kids to tween to teen hang out.  We were able to start from scratch and add our own touches.  Outlets are everywhere, we even added them to the support beams we then built out.  Recessed lighting was another must for us, so they can fade or be off for movie nights plus two sections, TV and toy side.  Even the playhouse has a light.

Overview (Window replacement on order)


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