8 Tips for When I am a Mother-in-Law

One day I will be a Mother-in-Law (hopefully times two) and I hope to remember these tips after chatting with my mom friends over the years.

1. ASK! You am no longer the one in charge, your child has a family of their own. Remember to  ASK not tell, demand or just do. 

2. You am not the MOM to their kids, you are the grandparent.  Your job is not to do what you want, but be helpful, listen to your children on how they want to raise their kids, you had your turn. 

3. Gifts don't buy affection, time and memories are most important.  

4. Listen, don't assume.

5. Respect the balance of family and other set of grandparents/side.  Sharing events.

6. Holiday traditions, their own family wants to start traditions, they are blending theirs to make their own.

7. If given a wish list, use it. We clean the playroom.

8. Ask how you can help.  Don't think what you are doing is helping with the kids, house or their life. 


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