Stairway Gallery Wall

I have been having fun decorating our house.  Who doesn't love decorating a new to them house?  Creating their home. Tim and I have a list of projects planned big and small.  While we wait to do that and paint, I am getting around to hanging things.  I started with a gallery wall going up the stairs to the kids floor in the house.

This was a year in the making, I started collecting items to hang before we even moved in.  I just collected adding to a box each time I bought something new or unpacked something I wanted included.   Then using butcher paper, I traced (not exactly but close) each item so I could work on placement on the wall.  I lived with these papers for a few days giving it the feel, look and rearrangement possibilities.

NAIL DAY!  Then I started hanging, a few pieces were removed completely, new added and I still wanted to add some more.  So another week went by.

Most items are from Hobby Lobby, Michael's, Target, JoAnne's and other stores.   Inspiration from Pinterest.


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