Tuesday, November 26, 2013

DaughtryMamarazzi event

DaughtryMamarazzi Event

Last Thursday I was invited to see an acoustic set and Q&A session with Chris Daughrty with his band Daughtry thanks to Mamarazzi at the Museum of Math and Bokskids.  With the new Daughtry album out a week now, we were serenaded with a few songs from Baptized (which I haven't stopped listening to since I bought my own copy the next day).  I highly suggest adding their new album Baptized to your Christmas/Holiday lists.

Christine and I        Photo Credit: The Moms Network

Daughtry interacted great with the many questions the kids in the audience threw at him,  only resulting in a few extra chuckles from the adults for some of his answers.  Throwing in a short cover of some Imagine Dragons' - Radioactive for everyone to enjoy.  I hope their 4th Studio Album gets them the results they deserve and want.  Afterwards we were able to meet and take pictures with them, all were friendly! Good luck guys! 

Once again The Moms for putting on this event, a great night out with fellow Moms.  I can't wait to bring my kids back to the math museum, just the entrance looked great, I love hands on museums.  Also don't forget to check out BOKS and what they bring to our schools and Reebok for sponsoring the #DaughtryMamarazzi event.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Disney's Frozen Review #FrozenMamarazzi

Our Movie Screening of FROZEN
Jack and I were invited to preview Disney's 53rd Animated Film FROZEN on Monday, it was awesome.  Jack was glued to the screen the entire time, eyes only leaving the screen for some popcorn. Disney's latest film has two female leads, one playing a hero/villain combo, still dominating the story line.  This latest movie is a loose adaptation of Hans Christian Anderson's The Snow Queen, full of mystery, excitement and the expected princess singing and dancing scenes.    Jack already cannot stop singing the chorus to Let It Go, which for only seeing it one time, and at 3.5 years old, is pretty good and catchy.  We both would crack up at the comic relief Snowman named Olaf.

The movie starts off with two young sisters Anna & Elsa playing around, Elsa has magical powers that turn things into ice and snow.  Elsa leaves and Anna vows to find her, and the story continues.  When we got home, he told his little sister he is going to take her to the best movie, called Frozen.   Grandma, Daddy, Preschool and basically anyone he encountered all heard about Frozen.

"Holy moly it's like FROZEN outside" -Jack Tuesday morning when he saw the snow outside.   Overall I am pretty impressed by the lasting impression the movie left on him, he is young, his attention span is short and like I said he latest the whole time, remember a tons of details from it and repeating things very accurately to our family and friends.  That's not something he does after only seeing a movie one time.   Overall Jack and I give the movie 2 thumbs up and have plans to see it again with Charlotte and Grandma. 

Some Q&A with Idina Menzel and The Moms.  Jack was adorable, he was standing up with his hand up each time they asked who had a question… His question, "Did Queen Elsa have fun ice skating?"/  I am sure she did Jack!

Official Movie Trailer

SamsungMobileUS was also at the screening with two of their latest products for the kids to play with and make a snowman drawing and tweet it for a chance to win.  We used the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 2014 Edition, Jack was fascinated by the pen he could use to draw, not something he is used to.  Going home he asked for one of them for Christmas.  I think he will have to wait, but maybe Daddy needs a new tablet?  They also have a tablet for kids J tested out an app to make a snowman on it, much smaller for easier handling in their small hands, Galaxy Tab 3.  

Mommy helped with J's drawing:

Thanks to the Galaxy Tablets we came home with a print out of his snowman from the Kids Tablet and Jack as Olaf from the Galaxy Tab.

** Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post.  All opinions are 100% my own. The Moms provided me with the private screening.**

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Day 9. Saturday

Already I am getting behind from regular must do things like cleaning, laundry, playing with the kids and errands.  Tonight I had free time and went to dinner with friends.  GNO (girls night out), 7 of us tonight, drinks food and maybe 5 probably more baskets if chips I are myself, I love the chips there. Home by 1130 and jumped right in bed to um surf my phone... Why not sleep.  I am going to now but wanted to at least catch up a bit here first.  So here I am with a snorer to my left and my phone to my right.   All days blend together.  Tomorrow I need to map out posts for the HV blog and get set up for giveaways and plans on what's up next. Two great Christmas one are lined up.  Readers get ready!!!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Writing space...

I have been on Blogger for almost 8 years now, sometimes more sometimes less.  Started and has always focused on my family and then branched a little towards kids products, sales and reviews.  I then started a kid blog for my local area in June which is slowly but surely getting more active.  

Then I joined twitter, though I am still getting used to it, Facebook and Blogger are much easier to read/follow and Instagram for quick pictures.   As far as when/where I write, mobile apps make it a lot easier to do it on the go.  Right now I am in the passenger seat of the family car running errands, and getting my thoughts down, nifty right?  

You can follow me/read my blogs, twitter, FB, or Instagram if you want too! 

Day 5

Favorite character

Prompt for today is favorite character, but how do I pick one? 

I grew up with some childhood favorites which of course have changed over the years but I still remember them.  Then there are the ones now that the kids are getting into from my childhood.  Little Mermaid was my first Disney movie, that I remember.  I was 4.5 when it came out.  I have the sleeping bag, bed sheets, and toys for Little Mermaid.  Sure Disney had other princesses movies out, but this was NEW for everyone all at once, especially me. 

 Now Jack and Char are into the movie, and new toys are out for them to play with, such as the Duplo Lego set.  Jack starts singing "kiss the girl" whenever we see the set of Ariel and Eric in the boat.   It's great to relive with them, it's also amazing to see just what Disney movies have before as Little Mermaid was state of the art at the time and now with Pixar helping too, the graphics are just incredible.  

It is fun to think about another 25 years when the kids are my age now and new movies are coming out what they will look like,  will I be watching with my grandkids at that point too? 

Just the past two nights.. after the kids went to bed, we watched Wreck It Ralph and Monsters University together.  Forever kids at heart, or just great entertainment.  You decide, we think both. 

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sunday fun day the third

Today was busy the whole family "worked"...

Tim started early with ripping down our existing shed.  Which involved taking everything out first, the ripping everything apart and disposing.  He stopped after 10pm, long after kids were in bed. 

I worked on weekend chores: laundry, organizing kids room of toys and clothes. Setting up everything for an Origami Owl party I have tomorrow night, booking another party, vendor events for holiday season.  Setting up the family week calendar to know where everyone will be and what we have planned (busy busy week ahead).  Then bedtime routine with kids and doing a fee surveys online. 

Jack has been working on chores too!  He has a daily schedule chart (more on that to come) and then his chore chart, reinforcing and adding to his schedule.  He cleans up after the meals for Charlotte and him, puts laundry in hamper, shoes at door, toy pick up, and bed making.  Of course he has fun and still makes messes throughout the day. 

Charlotte is still in disaster mode but does like to have jobs like Jack.  Granted I have to be more I top of her the whole time or my plates would all be missing in the garbage.  Her biggest job currently is the be a two year old toddler with the much anticipated case of the terrible twos.  She gets an A+ for this stage.  

The kids and I did take a time out and go to the movies with Grandma to see Free Birds which was adorable!  A 90 minute movie and they we excellent for 80 of it, the last few minutes they reached their max until the music came on during the credits and a dance party began.  

It was a long day between Tim and I being out late last night (after 2 but then clocks went back) and kids waking up at 7 new time.  We managed, and sleep is minutes away. 

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Day 2: "This is the best Halloween EVER!"- Jack

Happy Halloween 
Halloween was deemed "the best Halloween ever" by Jack while out Trick or Treating on Thursday.  We continued tradition of Trick or Treating from Tim's parents house, this year having rain instead of snow/no power (Hurricane Sandy) maybe next year it will be HOT.   Jack was Sully from Monsters Inc/Monsters University and Char was Doc McStuffins, we went Disney characters this year.

I loved how both kids really "got it" this year, running house to to house with "ToT and Thank yous, even a few "can we have your dog?" thrown in too.  They loved the houses that were all done up,  and Jack liked giving out candy and telling kids "cool costume, scary mask, Happy Halloween" when we got back to Nanny's house and he switched sides to the giver from the receiver.   Sugar high for him though would be an understatement.

This years Halloween also included: Trick or Treating at Stew Leonards with Aunt Kim, the town's Ragamuffin Parade the weekend before, a get together with other kids at our park, and 2 school parties- one for each.  So they each got full use out of their costumes.  I will next year prepare for jack more in advance incase he picks out a character they don't sell in stores "Stuffy" from Doc McStuffins to match Charlotte, I was "the worst mommy in the world" according to Jack until Aunt Kim rescued him with Sully.  Thank you Aunt Kim!!

Halloween was great this year, we sure did have a lot of fun.

Stew Leonards

2011. 2012, 2013

Marching at Parade

2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

Treats for School

Our Trick or Treating on Halloween

Friday, November 1, 2013

November First..

I am participating in a blog challenge for the month of November in hopes to get more active again with my personal blog.  I took on a "business" page and since then I have slacked on this one.  Not to mention since the school year started our schedules have been crazy busy.   

Prompt 1: First Day of Something

I went back to work part time in September.  I love it!  I am a SEIT for Early Intervention services in the nearby counties.  It works with my schedule and family, and I love teaching once again.  Next week I start my first day of Substitute teaching, another First Day.  Starting slowly for now,  trying not to add too much to our hectic weekly schedule, but looking forward now that Jack and Char are getting older to adding more in the future.