Favorite character

Prompt for today is favorite character, but how do I pick one? 

I grew up with some childhood favorites which of course have changed over the years but I still remember them.  Then there are the ones now that the kids are getting into from my childhood.  Little Mermaid was my first Disney movie, that I remember.  I was 4.5 when it came out.  I have the sleeping bag, bed sheets, and toys for Little Mermaid.  Sure Disney had other princesses movies out, but this was NEW for everyone all at once, especially me. 

 Now Jack and Char are into the movie, and new toys are out for them to play with, such as the Duplo Lego set.  Jack starts singing "kiss the girl" whenever we see the set of Ariel and Eric in the boat.   It's great to relive with them, it's also amazing to see just what Disney movies have before as Little Mermaid was state of the art at the time and now with Pixar helping too, the graphics are just incredible.  

It is fun to think about another 25 years when the kids are my age now and new movies are coming out what they will look like,  will I be watching with my grandkids at that point too? 

Just the past two nights.. after the kids went to bed, we watched Wreck It Ralph and Monsters University together.  Forever kids at heart, or just great entertainment.  You decide, we think both. 


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