Day 2: "This is the best Halloween EVER!"- Jack

Happy Halloween 
Halloween was deemed "the best Halloween ever" by Jack while out Trick or Treating on Thursday.  We continued tradition of Trick or Treating from Tim's parents house, this year having rain instead of snow/no power (Hurricane Sandy) maybe next year it will be HOT.   Jack was Sully from Monsters Inc/Monsters University and Char was Doc McStuffins, we went Disney characters this year.

I loved how both kids really "got it" this year, running house to to house with "ToT and Thank yous, even a few "can we have your dog?" thrown in too.  They loved the houses that were all done up,  and Jack liked giving out candy and telling kids "cool costume, scary mask, Happy Halloween" when we got back to Nanny's house and he switched sides to the giver from the receiver.   Sugar high for him though would be an understatement.

This years Halloween also included: Trick or Treating at Stew Leonards with Aunt Kim, the town's Ragamuffin Parade the weekend before, a get together with other kids at our park, and 2 school parties- one for each.  So they each got full use out of their costumes.  I will next year prepare for jack more in advance incase he picks out a character they don't sell in stores "Stuffy" from Doc McStuffins to match Charlotte, I was "the worst mommy in the world" according to Jack until Aunt Kim rescued him with Sully.  Thank you Aunt Kim!!

Halloween was great this year, we sure did have a lot of fun.

Stew Leonards

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Marching at Parade

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Treats for School

Our Trick or Treating on Halloween


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