The Cold Weather Is Here

Tim and I at the Look Out Point of Route 23
Some of the Family at the Haunted House
Tim doing Karaoke with the Leonard Leopards

Tim and I at the Bronx Zoo (above) Tim's Birthday at the Haunted Hayrides with Friends (below)

The cold weather has come and I want heat! My job is going well, I love my coworkers and my students are finally learning how to walk in the staircase and hallways. Who would think it would take 3rd graders over a month?

We went upstate to Glenbrook for Columbus Weekend with family and it was great seeing everyone. We went to Octoberfest at Hunter Mountain, had a camp fire at the camper while some of the kids went into the Haunted House. The food was delish too!

Back to work tomorrow, at least it is a 4 day week again. October is almost 1/2 way through, Christmas will be here before we know it. We are still house hunting, but shopping around for mortgages now also. We hope to have things figured out by the end of the month.


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