5 Weeks

7 Weeks +3.5 lbs = 128.5lbs.
8 Weeks

I know most know by now but making the official blog announcement for those who don't know yet. My due date is May 21, 2010. We found on on September 11th, when I went to the doctor because Tim was still in disbelief after taking tons of at home tests. The dollar store ones proved right!!

So far though, we went to the ER once for some bleeding, but everything turned out alright and we got to hear the heart beat for the first time at 7 weeks. The next day, on Tim's Birthday we went to the OBGYN and got the first picture of the peanut and saw the heart beat again. My next appointment is on the 18th of November. We are excited to see the changes at that point. Around Christmas/New Year's is when we find out the sex of the baby, which we will be doing. I don't do surprises and want to plan and have the nursery set up before hand in either boy or girl stuff. Picking names is going to be hard enough too.

I am taking belly photos throughout the pregnancy, as it is I have gained 5 pounds since getting pregnant. Pretty sure most of that went to my chest. They have become the most painful things.. This week I went to the doctor and was told I have Strep throat, YUCK! I hate being sick, now being sick and pregnant is just horrible. So lots of rest and liquids for me.


{lindsey} said…
I hear you about the boobies :) mine went from a B to a D in a few weeks when I was pregnant with Ethan. Glad to hear everything is well and I hope you start to feel better soon!!

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