The leaves are changing...

Hope all is well with everyone. Last week, I was out of work 2 days with Strep Throat. I took the medicine though and it was wonderful! I feel so much better, and feel better than before. This weekend was busy for us both. Tim is building a deck for family friends and I helped celebrate my parents 28th wedding anniversary with them Sunday walking across the Hudson Walkway bridge. It was beautiful with all the trees changing.

We contacted a real estate lawyer. I hope to have contracts in the making by this weekend. Keep your fingers crossed for us. Once that happens I will post pictures. Halloween is this weekend too, Tim and I are supposed to go to a party but I am not even sure anymore. I know I have NO costume and neither does Tim. We shall see.

School is going good. I am going to have to wait and apply to grad school in the Spring. Nothing is ready in time, and I can't be worrying about it now. Who knows what the Spring will bring too. I am going to keep looking, look for scholarships and apply to more schools in the Spring since I will have more time. Then try to start in the summer. Fingers crossed. I am giving myself a December deadline to have everything done and ready to be mailed.

Until next time... xoxoxo


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