Home updates!

So last week we had put offers on a house, countered back and forth and then gave up. We said thanks but no thanks and walked. They came back with their last offer after that point. We decided we go back out looking at homes and decide then. Today we went out and brought my dad to 3 houses plus the one we put offers on. Upon returning to the office we submitted the paper work to accept their counter. So hopefully sometime this week we will know if they accept and go into contracts next week! I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed. Tim is shooting for a closing by December 30th. We shall see. Once we go into contract I will post pictures.

Also this past week, we went to the doctor to see the baby. The nugget is looking like an alien, but a cute one!! I have to put the pictures up, my scanner broke though, so they will be pictures of pictures. December 28th is the big appointment to see if Nugget is a boy or girl!!! We can't wait.


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