November begins

Already 1/2 way through the 1st week of November. This month is going to fly, 4 days off from students (3 off from the students), weekends, holidays, bring on Christmas. I survived the first round of student report cards, I am so happy they are done. This year there is so much required of me as a teacher compared to last year. I am beginning to understand how much of a joke Medical Science was. Lesson plans, observations and team work did not exist and the school does not prepare you at all for real teaching.

The pregnancy is going well. I enter the 12th week on Friday, I can't believe we are 12 weeks already, it was yesterday that we found out. I have my new belly pictures to upload, once I get them onto the computer. I know picture queen that I am is slacking on the pictures. I am also becoming the worst wife around the house. I haven't put away my laundry in weeks, I still haven't unpacked from when we went away over Columbus weekend. I haven't done the dishes in days or anything else besides: school work, sleep, eating and watching TV to relax. I don't know what I would do without Tim.

Since we found out, Tim has been doing everything for me. He has been cleaning the house like crazy, dealing with the dogs and running around doing all our errands and OF COURSE COOKING!! I love him, and he is the best I could ask for. Even at the times I want to bite his head off. I hope to start to feel better soon and go back to being me soon too. My organization has gone out the window. So, if you find it send it back my way. Well its approaching 10pm, my bedtime, and I need to get there. I promise to get the pictures up by the weekend! Also I hope to have an update to the house hunting.
XOXO Karen


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